Yarn-Bombed in Switzerland…

Our town has a new tourist attraction this summer – the Strickweg, loosely translated, the knitwear trail, which starts by the wool shop in the old Fischmarktplatz. One sunny afternoon, a friend and I set off to investigate. There are over sixty exhibits dotted around the old town and the lakeside, so, in no particular order, here are some of my favourites.

First up, the mushrooms – or are they toadstools?

This post by the library usually has a bike or two attached to it.

A lot of trees and railings are attired like the one below – I like the cheerful sunshiney yellow of this one. Note the blue-green lamp post to the left of it.

Down at the harbour now, we have the life belt, just in case… Not sure this one would do in an emergency, though.

But the fishing net behind it is very cute.

Then there was the octopus:

And the hungry mice:

Not to mention the owl…

If I had to choose one favourite, it would be the tree-huggers. We have three altogether, all in a group by the lake.

Another tree gained some cherries:

And yet another some birds:

And we’ll finish off with this very chic tree outside the Wunderbar Hotel:

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6 Responses to Yarn-Bombed in Switzerland…

  1. lizannelloyd says:

    These are so imaginative!
    Here are some knitted boats in the Algarve https://somerville66.blogspot.com/2017/07/guerilla-knitting-in-algarve.html

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    • lindahuber says:

      They’re fabulous!
      Ours are looking slightly less pristine now, after both extreme heat and extreme rainfall this summer. They’ll be around until the beginning of September, but I hope they do more another year.

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  2. I love these, Linda. I used to do a lot of knitting and crochet at one time but I haven’t done any for years – not since my eyes deteriorated because I can no longer knit and watch TV at the same time. 🙂


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