The Cold Cold Sea

A skilfully told story of every parent’s nightmare…
The Writing Desk

It twists at your heartstrings and then slaps you in the face.
BeadyJan’s Books

…an unsettling and compelling read: an unputdownable story that had me in tears.
Annecdotal: Anne Goodwin’s Writing Blog

The Cold Cold Sea has been re-released in ebook – click HERE to view in your local Amazon Store. The new paperback is coming in September.

They stared at each other, and Maggie felt the tightness in her middle expand as it shifted, burning its way up… Painful sobs rose in her throat as Colin, his face expressionless now, reached for his mobile and tapped 999.

When three-year-old Olivia disappears from the beach, a happy family holiday comes to an abrupt end. Maggie is plunged into the darkest nightmare imaginable – what happened to her little girl?

Further along the coast, another mother is having problems too. Jennifer’s daughter Hailey is starting school, and it should be such a happy time, but the child has become moody and silent. Family life has never seemed so awkward, and Jennifer struggles to maintain control.

The tide ebbs and flows, and summer dies, but there is no comfort for Maggie, alone now at the cottage, or for Jennifer, still swamped by doubts.