Stolen Sister

Stolen Sister has had a makeover! At the moment, it’s available in ebook and audio – the paperback will be out later in the year.

‘a well-crafted, psychologically complex story that is fueled by strong characterisation.’
Susanna Bavin

‘a wonderful book with an intriguing plot and authentic characters.’
Alison Baillie

‘a family drama, with an emotional depth I’ve not come across for a while.’
The Bookwormery

Smoke. She could smell smoke. Her baby…

What happened to baby Erin when fire ripped through the hotel she was in with her parents? Only two people know, and they aren’t telling.

Twenty-two years later, Vicky learns that she once had a sister – and the search for Erin begins. Christine, meanwhile, has left home to start her first job in the city, but she’s still reeling over an unplanned pregnancy when a disturbing discovery changes everything again.

Vicky has almost given up the search for her sister when an old foster mother calls with unexpected news. Erin is in danger… but where is she?

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