Death Wish

I found Death Wish an enthralling read…
Diane Hogg, Sweet Little Book Blog

…a mesmerising book which had me hooked from the onset.
Alison Drew, Ali the Dragon Slayer

The characters develop throughout the book into complex individuals, each with their own issues.
Jill Burkinshaw, Books n All



Secrets. Lies. Murder.

When Leo decides to go into business with his mother-in-law, he soon realises his mistake. Eleanor is the mother-in-law from hell and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Her daughter, Ashley, has her own reasons for hating her mother. The atmosphere is toxic, and old wounds refuse to heal.

Next door, eight-year-old Joya has a difficult life. Her parents argue constantly and her grandmother, who lives with them, is approaching death.

Soon these two families will collide, and the consequences might just be fatal…

Her mum and dad were always fighting, and Grandma Vee was sick…

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