A walk around the old town…

Arbon has been here for many, many years. Centuries, in fact – it has connections to an Irish monk called Gallus who died here in 646. We have a castle, part of the original town wall still stands, and the old town has a real medieval atmosphere, wonderful for Christmas markets. Let’s take a walk…

The photos above and  below are the same building and one of the oldest in the town. There’s a lovely hotel restaurant in there now, but just imagine how many people have looked at that building over the centuries.

The square below is the one-time Fish Market, now home to Christmas markets, Advent markets, Flea markets etc etc. The old buildings are amazing.

Socks at the Christmas market. And
a few other things, too.

Everything you need for Christmas, except snow… Below is a closer look at one of the old frescoes.

And here’s the Fish Market on a non-market day.

Walking towards the Catholic church, you can just see the lake at the end of the road.

The tower, the oldest part of the castle. The views over the lake from the top are worth the climb…

Moving on, we find a ‘terrace’ of old, old houses, now lovely flats.

And this building below, which used to house the police headquarters.

Across the road now, we find another lovely square. There’s nothing better than sitting out here with a glass of something cool on a balmy summer evening, watching the world go by.

I’ll leave you with Lake Constance, just a two minute walk away…

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  1. Thank you for taking us on a walk through Arbon Linda, it looks like a wonderful place to explore! 🙂💖

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