#Travel in Switzerland…

Holidays abroad are going to be very hit or miss this year. Personally, I’m not planning on going anywhere too far from home. This could include going to another country – I can see two others from my flat as I type (though Germany will soon be disappearing behind the woods as the trees green up for summer), but still… Things ain’t what they used to be.

So in case anyone fancies a trip round Switzerland from the comfort of your home, hold on tight and let’s go.

  1. The Rhine Falls, one of my favourite day trip destinations. The falls are absolutely spectacular, even more so in springtime when the snowmelt comes down around the end of May. For scale, note the viewing platform on the right of the pic. You can see more of the falls HERE.

2. The mountains. The Matterhorn? Eiger? Jungfrau? Pilatus? Or Monte Rosa, the highest peak in Switzerland? Or our local peak, Säntis? Read all about them and see some spectacular photos HERE.

3. The Tamina Gorge. If hiking and creeping through gorges is your thing, I recommend a visit here. Again, it’s a day trip from where I live and one we do every couple of years. Not for the claustrophobic… More pics HERE.

4. The Aare. If you’d rather follow a river for a while, the Aare is one of the most scenic in Switzerland. It flows through Berne, too, which is definitely worth a visit. I think the most unusual thing about this river is the colour of the water – have a look HERE and see for yourself!

5. One of the best insider secrets is right on my doorstep. Arbon has a lovely old town, and with Lake Constance literally a stone’s throw away, it’s a tourist area itself (which has pros and cons for the locals…). But see for yourself HERE.

Next week, romance writer Morton S. Grey will be here with her favourite book among the classics, and her comfort read – plus her own new release. See you then!

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