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Change of direction…

Think of a road, a straight one, like the ones in films, with one lonely car crossing the desert… Your way is clear for miles ahead. Life isn’t like that – we can turn corners and take the road less … Continue reading

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Over the sea to… Friedreichshafen

Our lake – Lake Constance – is huge. 536 square kilometres, to be exact. Standing on the banks on a misty day, you can almost imagine you’re gazing out over the Atlantic. The photo below was taken from the Austrian … Continue reading

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…is a tiny island on our lake. It belongs to Germany, and over the centuries has been home to over 20 churches and chapels, though only three remain. Last week I went there with a couple of friends – the … Continue reading

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Yesterday (Saturday), I was sitting in a bus on the way up to town. All was peaceful. Until a woman, complete with grandson, got on and sat down nearby. The little boy would be three, maybe four, and he immediately … Continue reading

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Switzerland – Lucerne (and a few more watery pics…)

Last week, I spent a lovely day in Central Switzerland, first of all with friends in the city of Lucerne, and then with my boys in Zurich. After all the rain we’ve had recently, it was unbelievably soothing to have … Continue reading

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In memory of summers past…

Remember back in the day, when the long school holidays started, and weeks and weeks of sunshine stretched in front of us, and we had nothing to do but play – and read? Remember building caterpiller zoos in jam jars, … Continue reading

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Water, water everywhere…

– but what can you expect, after the rainfall of the past several weeks? And it’s still raining… There’s nothing titchy about our lake. At 64km long and 12km wide, Lake Constance is one of the largest in Central Europe, … Continue reading

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