Out now: Problems at the Lakeside Hotel #books #newrelease

Book three in the Escape to Switzerland series is out – tap HERE to see the entire series in your local Amazon Store! To celebrate, Problems… is just 99p etc worldwide this week, and the other two are 99p/c in the UK and US too.

It’s not all going smoothly at the Lakeside Hotel…

When you can’t put a price on love…

Stacy’s new life in Switzerland seems idyllic – a beautiful home amidst fabulous scenery, the man of her dreams and an interesting job. But then comes trouble…
Last winter’s snow means an overfull lake, Rico is moody and distant, and the daily problems attached to running a hotel range from head lice to irate guests and lost rodents. Meanwhile, new receptionist Alex is battling with family problems as he tries to do the right thing for everyone. He loves Lakeside, but coming here may be a step too far. Family relationships are strained as never before, and the price of love could lose him his beloved new job.

The lake is still rising and tempers are frayed, but it isn’t until Rico goes missing that Stacy realises she could lose everything she holds dear. Will the Lakeside Hotel survive the summer?

Next week, I’ll be blogging about the year the lake really did rise. It was the summer of ’99, and you couldn’t buy a welly boot for love nor money here in N.E. Switzerland…

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2 Responses to Out now: Problems at the Lakeside Hotel #books #newrelease

  1. A belated Happy Publication Day Linda, I missed this. I’ve added it to my daily deals list x


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