Summer in Switzerland, and the fire next door… #SilentSunday(almost) #travel

A few photos of two of the trips I took this summer. (More to follow later in the month.)

Over the lake to Friedrichshafen in Germany. Click on the pics to see the uncropped version:

A walk around the Gubsensee reservoir in canton St Gallen:

For dramatic effects, though, we didn’t have to look further than next door, the day when it was 34°C and windy, and the building site went on fire… Fortunately, barring one case of smoke inhalation, no one was injured, but I have a new respect for firefighters now:

Next week, we’ll have some #amwriting news. I’ll leave you with an early-morning photo of our beautiful lake. Not a bad view when you’re trundling your shopping home from the supermarket:

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11 Responses to Summer in Switzerland, and the fire next door… #SilentSunday(almost) #travel

  1. Visited the Zeppelin museum when staying in Bregenz a while ago – great day out.

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  2. barbtaub says:

    WP won’t let me like posts (🙁)

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  3. Cathy says:

    Lovely photos, Linda. The fire must have been pretty scary, I’m glad no-one was injured.

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  4. Such beautiful sights, Linda. Thank you for sharing. Glad the fire didn’t spread and that no one was injured!

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  5. Wow! Those photos are stunning, Linda, especially the last one. I’m glad no-one was injured in the fire. x

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