Out and about in #Switzerland #travel

Summer has arrived in N.E. Switzerland – at least it’s here for the moment; next week looks slightly iffier. Last Sunday was also museum day in our town, so as both sons were visiting, off we set to see a couple.

We walked into town the long way, by the lake. You can tell which trees have spent the past two years standing in water, due to the beaver dam.

Further on, though, we came to some lovely horse chestnut blossoms.

There was a carpet of pollen floating on the lake – several, in fact, but better in the water than up my nose.

First we came to the Saurer Museum, with its collection of old vehicles and embroidery/lace machines the town (Arbon) is famous for.

Further on is the old town with the castle, home to the historic museum now. I didn’t take photos inside here, but the castle is amazing. Imagine how many feet have walked past these buildings since the 12th century.

The tower from below:

And right up there at the top (I didn’t count the stairs) we saw a crow’s nest, slightly indistinct as it was taken through glass.

And below is the tree they were nesting in, a huge old… something. I need one of those apps that tells you what you’re looking at…

Finally, the walk back home. Doesn’t that path look inviting?

Next week, we have writer Terry Tyler and her choice of classic comfort books – see you then!

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