I #amwriting, #travel in Switzerland and a Chill award!

It’s been a busy week here in N.E Switzerland. On Monday, I travelled to Zürich to meet up with writing friends Louise Mangos – who’s coming on the blog later this month with her choice of Classic Comfort books – and Alison Baillie. As usual, we wasted no time in setting the entire publishing world right, and we may have clinked glasses, too. It’s always good to chat in person with others who have the same kind of being-an-author worries.

To finish off the day, we went for a wild and windy walk along the banks of Lake Zürich and yes, it was pretty chilly…

My writing week continued with some very nice news on Tuesday. Daria’s Daughter has been awarded a Chill with a Book Premier Readers’ Award. These are open to authors who are self-published or with small indie publishers, so I was really pleased about that – and so were Hobeck Books. 🙂

Wednesday was a non-writing day and I was back on the road, or rather the rail tracks, first to Kreuzlingen Hafen and then on to Konstanz, which is our nearest big-big town in Germany.

Thursday and Friday found me back in the editing cave with book 12. Below left is what my WIP plan looked like a week or two ago, and right is Friday’s attempt to rearrange the POV sections in chapter twenty. Sometimes, structural edits are easier when you DON’T do them on the PC…

So what’s next? Well, I hope to have some more news about book 12 soon, plus a few pics of a launch do I’m planning to go to later this month. And as the only sure thing about the writing life is that nothing is certain, who knows what else is coming up this summer?
For now, though, I’ll get back to the edits and leave you with a pic of our lovely Lake Constance. The blog will be on holiday over Easter, but we’ll be back on the 24th with Louise and her choice of books. See you then!

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