The first of the summer visitors!

Last week I had the first visitors of the summer when some cousins came to N.E. Switzerland for a few days. It was their first time in the area, so I showed them all the best sights. Here are some snaps from our tours:


First of all, I met them in Zürich, where you could almost see snowy mountains in the distance.


We had a good wander round the old town, too.

Then it was back to the border region where I live – we went across to Germany on the ferry.


Bye bye Romanshorn…


…hello Friedreichshafen!

And of course we had to go for a walk in the woods by my flat.

22A217AF-A65E-49D0-A0D0-36C4FBCB02DAAnd we went to nearest large town St Gallen,

12932675_10156717172430263_6564186662954402233_nas well as walking round the historical centre of Arbon, where I live:

96D197DD-43C4-40EC-899A-00A412900A8D7D71E991-8162-47CC-9F9D-AB86A7714EBC5931C5FA-124F-4E4E-9D03-C7204CE8DF53Sometimes, it’s only when you see someone pointing a camera that you stop and look again at the places you pass through every day. I’d like to thank my cousin for the photos in this blog post – and now I’m looking forward to the next visitors. Watch this space!


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6 Responses to The first of the summer visitors!

  1. Fiona Ewers says:

    We had a fantastic time. It was lovely to see you and your neck of the woods! That was catching up with style!

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  2. Lovely, lovely photos, and such a sense of history in the landscape. And how cool that you can get to Germany via the ferry (!!). Glad you had a great visit with your cousin. P.S. I love when we have visitors here in Alaska. It gives us the much-needed opportunity to see the mountains and inlet from a fresh perspective. Cheers and have a great week.

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    • lindahuber says:

      It’s an interesting place – I can stand here in my flat in Switzerland, look out one window and see Austria (on a clear day) then without taking a step look out another window and see Germany (in winter when the trees are bare). 🙂


  3. lucciagray says:

    Lovely pictures!

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