Two days (approximately) to go… #newbook

It’s back to crossed fingers here in N.E. Switzerland – if everything goes according to plan, Return to the Lakeside Hotel will be available at the beginning of the week, and both books will be on offer at 99p for a couple of days. I’ll put out a short blog post with details as soon as the book is up on Amazon.

In this one, Stacy returns to Switzerland to help set up the new version of the Lakeside Hotel – but her new job turns out to be trickier than she’d imagined. Rico, meanwhile, is trying to work out what he wants in life. Then there’s Kim, a stay-at-home mum who’s aching to return to her job, but it’s not as easy as finding a childminder and setting out.

Three people, three sets of problems, and a hotel in search of its identity. You can find out what happens to them all next week! (I hope)

Meanwhile, Saving the Lakeside Hotel is still doing well. Did you know you can often see our large and lovely Lake Constance on the BBC weather map? This is a pic from last summer – at the moment we can only dream of hot air.

Another location pic, Rorschach harbour this time. Stacy and Rico come here for lunch near the beginning of Return to the Lakeside Hotel. He only has eyes for her, but she has other things on her mind that day…

Cross your fingers for my book at the start of the week – if all goes well this time too, maybe I’ll be able to believe that the blip of two books ago really was just a blip. Here’s hoping 🤞

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  1. Holding fingers and toes crossed. Congratulations, Linda!

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