Rejuvination #1… #nature

The woods by my flat are sick. A large proportion of the wood consists of ash trees, and we’ve known for a while that some day, something would need to be done about them. The good news is, the wood is to be saved. The bad news is that around half the trees need felling. That won’t be done in a day, of course; it’s to be a years-long ‘rejuvination’ project, and it started last Monday. The paths are closed on weekdays while work is ongoing, but yesterday, I went to have a look at what had been done so far.

I know that by the end of the project, the wood will be in much better shape, but it’s still heartbreaking to hear the trees crashing down every day. And somehow, it isn’t much consolation that in twenty years or so, you’d never notice the difference. But onwards and upwards. Watch out for the progress pics when the spaces are cleared and the new trees are planted.

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4 Responses to Rejuvination #1… #nature

  1. barbtaub says:

    How sad (for now anyway. ) Do you know what will be planted?

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  2. terrytyler4 says:

    I can imagine just how you feel about this, I really can. xx

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