The ‘Q’ books… #A-Z books 📚

First of all, apologies for the somewhat homemade appearance of the blog this week; the new WordPress block editor has arrived and I can’t get the classic version back. (If anyone has an idiot’s guide to the new version, please send it to Switzerland)

This series is an adaptation of something I saw on Twitter – people were posting 26 books in 26 days, each title beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. However, I’m planning on taking around 26 months to get to Z. Each month I’ll post a newish book I’ve enjoyed, plus a children’s book and an older book.

This month, it’s the Q books, and the first of the potentially tricky letters. However, I found these three books in my own collection, although only the first is available as an ebook. Off we go:

Kajsa runs Sweden’s largest Health and Fitness blog. There’s only one small problem; it’s all a big lie. Between her blog entries on healthy nutritious porridge and flashy running shoes, she lies on the sofa watching TV and eating sweets. Her only exercise is using the remote control.

Kajsa’s life seems perfect: A beautiful house in an attractive suburb of Stockholm, three children, a loving husband and loads of money.

However, things start to crumble when she accidently writes on her blog that she is best friends with a famous Hollywood personal trainer. The problem is he’s never met her, let alone heard of her.

Then an ambitious journalist, who doesn’t believe Kajsa has been honest about her blog or her friendship with the personal trainer, sets out to destroy her…

The Queen of Blogging is a lovely, light-hearted, fun read – a perfect distraction, just what we need these days.

Quentin Kenihan’s bones are as fragile as eggshells. Born with severe osteogenesis imperfecta, he has experienced, in his ten short years, at least 160 fractures.

Until he was four, his parents accepted specialist’s opinions that Quentin would never walk – mere gravity would shatter his bones. It was claimed that nothing could be done for him. Four years later, not only had Quentin achieved mobility but had developed into an intelligent, wily and stubbornly independent boy.

Quentin’s story is inspiring for its courage and determination.

I read this book as a young physiotherapist in the 80s, when I was working with disabled children. I never treated a child with osteogenesis imperfecta, but I’ve known many Quentins with other conditions and many Quentin’s mums, too. The book isn’t as much for children as about a child, though older kids could certainly read it. Unfortunately, it seems largely unavailable now, so I’m very glad I have it.

In 1976 Joy Adamson was given a leaopard called Penny. Queen of Shaba is Joy’s record of Penny’s progress from tiny cub to full-grown female successfully rehabilitated in the bush of northern Africa.

Tragically, Joy Adamson died only days after visiting Penny’s newborn cubs and completing this book.

I’ve read several of Joy Adamson’s books – and who will ever forget the Born Free films. What an inspiring life she and her husband George led.

Watch out for the ‘R’ books next month!

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  1. henhouselady says:

    Great book reviews.

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