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A 99p offer, an island and a town…

From the Isle of Arran to the English market town of Bedford – that’s the journey Nina Moore made in my third book, The Attic Room. Having learned that a man she’d never heard of had left her a house, … Continue reading

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A budgie called Balthasar…

Originally posted on linda huber:
So the new princess is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. A tactful choice that – presumably – pleased everyone in the family. I’m glad they included Diana. It isn’t easy, choosing a name for a new arrival,…

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Toilet roll holders, and other tricky moving-house decisions…

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If I had ten franks for every moving-house decision I’ve made in the past two and a bit years I could retire tomorrow, and go and live on a lovely tropical island and write books…

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I don’t believe it!!!

Originally posted on linda huber:
It was a real Victor Meldrew moment. The first of two, actually. There I was in Switzerland a couple of months ago, rooted to the spot in our nearest big-town washing machine retailer, eyes popping…

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The ‘Q’ books… #A-Z books 📚

First of all, apologies for the somewhat homemade appearance of the blog this week; the new WordPress block editor has arrived and I can’t get the classic version back. (If anyone has an idiot’s guide to the new version, please … Continue reading

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Sweet ‘n’ sour books from… Cornwall

I’ve never forgotten the holidays I spent in Cornwall as a child – that sea! So here we are with a sweet ‘n’ sour post from the south west of England. Each S&S post features one romance or feel-good book … Continue reading

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The Cold Cold Sea – a book with many covers…

During the writing process, I’m not sure what I was expecting to see on the cover of my second book. It had various working titles along the way, until The Cold Cold Sea came to mind while I was looking … Continue reading

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The Attic Room video trailer

Son 2 and I have been busy making a new trailer. I found and downloaded the images, wrote the text, organised the credits, chose the music and put everything into MovieMaker. He pulled it all together and tweaked the timing. … Continue reading

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We’re right at the end of the (summer) holiday season now, so here are some holiday jokes from my English-teaching joke collection. Just to remind us of those happy times earlier in the year… Sign in a British seaside hotel: … Continue reading

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