Yarn-bombed in Switzerland – part 2

A couple of weeks ago I was on Sharon Booth’s lovely blog, with a selection of photos from this summer’s yarn-bomb trail in our town – click HERE to see the post and pics. Since then, I’ve walked round the rest of the trail.


Down at the harbour, we have a set of knitted flags on trees, to match the real ones on poles.

Switzerland, Germany and Austria, and you can see them all in this photo.

Behind the old town, some woolly animals are chasing up and down trees:

I think the cat’s the best one, but I love the mouse, too.



And there’s a lizard…






And a snake…






And some birds. Flamingoes?




Around the corner is the wool shop where the idea came from:

This one’s further round towards the lake. Lovebirds…

Meanwhile, the Gasthaus Römerhof is being invaded by giant butterflies.

To finish off, we’ll go back to the harbour, where the lunchtime boat is just reversing out:


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4 Responses to Yarn-bombed in Switzerland – part 2

  1. Thanks for this Linda – this will be great walk to take my mum on now that she is out visiting!

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  2. Wow, these yarn arts are so much fun and beautiful!

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