Feel-good fiction for Doctors without Borders… special offer!

It feels like a long time ago since February, when my charity anthology, The Saturday Secret came out, published by Fabrian Books. 2017 profits from this book are going to Doctors without Borders, who do excellent work where it’s needed most.

Last spring, I sent the first Fr.200.- off, and since then the money’s been accumulating nicely, about half of it gathered by paperback sales carried out by moi, to long-suffering friends, family, and English students. Many of them added a wee donation to the price, so thank you all very much!


Donation sent in March.

I’m planning to send a further instalment next week, and this week, it’s on a US/UK kindle special offer – price to you just 99p/c, royalty to me (and the Docs) still the high level. I don’t often say ‘buy my book’ on the blog, but if you click on the cover up there it will take you to your local Amazon store where you can…

For people not covered by Amazon UK or US, I’ll be decreasing the price to 99p/c again over Christmas, but as this will involve the lower royalty rate, if you’re in the UK or US – grab it now. I’ll maintain the Christmas price right up until February 15th, when the charity year ends. Apparently, 99p books have their own set of readers, so hopefully the decrease in royalty will be offset by an increase in sales.

By February, I’m optimistic my book will have made Fr.500.- altogether – it’s looking hopeful so far, so fingers crossed!

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8 Responses to Feel-good fiction for Doctors without Borders… special offer!

  1. Georgia Rose says:

    Well done, Linda 🙂

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  2. mmwb10 says:

    That’s fantastic, Linda, and such a good cause to donate to. It’s a reminder that there are good people in the world who care about others in such dark times – particularly over here right now.

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  3. What a wonderful idea, Linda. I’m a supporter of Doctors without Borders, so of course I’ll participate.

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