The Easter Bunny in Switzerland…

Chocolate eggs aren’t big in Switzerland. They do exist, all sizes and fillings and wrapped in a variety of colourful foils. But the main (chocolate) event here is – bunnies.


They also come in all sizes and designs, from gorgeous and golden…
easter-695096_1280to unwrapped (and even more mouth-watering)…
easter-bunny-7946_1280to the kind you buy in your local supermarket.
IMG_0646But the Easter Bunny has more to do here than sit around waiting to be eaten. His duties include (this varies from family to family) decorating the garden,
easter-in-the-allotment-1249571_1280and hiding little baskets of eggs and small presents for the children to find on Easter morning. (Our Easter Bunny was a bit of a wimp and would leave these hidden in the house when it was wet or snowy at Easter…)
easter-1217283_1280The baskets usually include hard boiled eggs, which come in a mind-blowing variety of colours and designs.
easter-1237635_1280I have to confess that this year, with no small children at home, I’ve done absolutely nothing to decorate the flat for Easter. This is because, after two removals in the past three years, I can’t find the box with the Easter decorations – which may even have been downsized to a bag with the Easter decorations. It’ll turn up sometime…

Meanwhile – Happy Easter!



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12 Responses to The Easter Bunny in Switzerland…

  1. TanGental says:

    We used to ski at Easter in Switzerland and keeping the children away from Easter bunny excess was one of the challenges.

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  2. barbtaub says:

    I’m enchanted with the thought of neighborhoods decorated by the Easter Bunny. In our neighborhood back in Seattle, the only rival for Christmas decorating was Halloween. And here in Glasgow, there was nary a colored egg in sight. (But in your honor, I am eating the ears off of my chocolate bunny. Yum!)

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    • lindahuber says:

      Yesterday I drove past a house with giant cuddly bunnies sitting (outside) in all the first floor windows. It looked even creepier than Halloween. Agree, the ears are the best bit. Unless there’s a white chocolate powderpuff tail…


  3. Okay, Linda, now I’m really “homesick”! Have a wonderful Easter.

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  4. Happy belated Easter! I love the idea of decorating outside for Easter. It would make everything so cheerful and trust me, Alaska could use some cheer at this time of the year, caught as we are in that obstinate stutter between winter and spring. P.S. I’m suddenly hungry for a chocolate bunny, lol. Cheers and have a great week.


  5. What a mouthwatering post, Linda. I love the two bunnies in three types of chocolate. They look almost too good to eat. 🙂


    • lindahuber says:

      They do! That remids me of one time when my older son was about four, and the Easter bunny brought twin chocolate chicks with cute little hats on. He (son 1) refused pointblank to eat them…


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