2015 – The best of times and the worst of times… (a mimimalist’s version)

This time tomorrow, 2015 will be a thing of the past and we’ll all be watching the New Year’s Concert from Vienna. It’s been a year of ups and downs…

IMG_0588Best moment: Holding The Attic Room for the first time.
Second and third best moments: Holding the audio version of The Cold Cold Sea and the large print version of The Paradise Trees for the first time.
Most put-off decision: Whether or not to get another dog. And we still don’t know… (all opinions welcome)


Worst moment: The malware attack… (but how lucky am I to have an IT professional in the family?)
Most work: Our removal to this flat. It wasn’t quite as much work as moving from the house to the temporary flat, but we still had to pack Every. Single. Thing. And unpack them all afterwards too…


IMG_0480Best trip: On a visit to Scotland, I went to the lovely Isle of Arran to visit friends. It was a picture-perfect couple of days.
Best reads: Splinter The Silence by Val McDermid, and The Witness by Jane Bidder.
Best purchase: My document shredder. I hope the novelty never wears off!
Best window: The one with this view…
Nicest surprise: Hitting the number one spot on Vigilant Justice with The Attic Room.
Most popular blog post: This one! I’ll just mention the number 50…

Hopes for next year: More of the same! Health and happiness for my family, another book (news about that in January) – and maybe a dog. Or a cat. Or…
A huge thank you to everyone who has accompanied me through 2015, and I wish you all a happy, healthy and successful 2016!



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14 Responses to 2015 – The best of times and the worst of times… (a mimimalist’s version)

  1. Helen Pollard says:

    All the very best for 2016, Linda 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. TanGental says:

    Here’s to 2016 and lots more books…


  3. lucciagray says:

    Lovely Post! Wonderful things happened last year and I’m sure they’ll keep happening!


  4. Georgia Rose says:

    A great year Linda – I’m amazed that you have done audio books and large print books as well – not sure what I do with my time – haha! Here’s to a fab 2016 🙂


  5. evie gaughan says:

    Happy New Year Linda! I’ve been wondering whether or not to get a dog for the past two years :))


  6. A highly readable summing up of your year, Linda. Congratulations on your successes. I love the photo of the view from your window.


    • lindahuber says:

      I love the view, Susanna. I’m sitting here at my desk looking out at it – not quite light yet and the trees disappear into the dimness…
      Let’s hope 2016 is a good writing year for us both!


  7. Yes, yes–get another dog. I lost my dog last year and am so ready for another, yet I’m bulking. I think I’m afraid. It’s such a time commitment but that’s not what I fear. It’s how much you end up loving them, and how very, very empty it is after they leave. That said, it sounds as if you had a pretty nice year. (I used to have a document shredder and I LOVED it. I would shred everything. I almost couldn’t stop.) P.S. I so want to visit Scotland.


    • lindahuber says:

      I have to hold myself in check with the shredder too…
      What’s stopping me getting a dog straightaway is a) this is a first floor flat and b) my kids aren’t (yet) able to jump in when I’m away. When b) changes it’ll probably be time.
      Visit Scotland. Go in summer. Do the west coast, you’ll love it!


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