Toilet roll holders, and other tricky moving-house decisions…

toilet-roll-220415_1280If I had ten franks for every moving-house decision I’ve made in the past two and a bit years I could retire tomorrow, and go and live on a lovely tropical island and write books and watch the sun go down with a Marguerita by my side…

In 2013 we downsized from a big old house to a medium-sized (temporary) flat, and I really thought all the ‘Do we need/want to keep this???’ decisions were as bad as it could get.


Shortly after that removal, a whole new decisions game started… building the permanent flat. I was prepared for some of it. I knew I wanted wooden floors in the bedrooms and stone tiles in the living areas and bathrooms. I knew I wanted white walls throughout the flat, and white gloss fronts in the kitchen area. I fondly imagined that was about it.


Door handles. Door locks? Kitchen unit handles. Vertical or horizontal? Working surface height. Cupboards, drawers or shelves?
The kitchen island – 1m from the cupboards? 1.10m?? 1.20m???
And don’t get me started on the lighting…

Floor tiles – horizontal or vertical in relation to the long side of the main living area? (That one nearly floored me (sorry) – I had to go away and think about it and phone an architect friend, then call the tiler to say I’d changed my mind.)


Curtain rails – single or double? Skirting boards – a must in Switzerland – wood, tile, white? 4 cm or 5 cm? That was when I reached the ‘Yeah, whatever’ stage. And remember I was doing it all in German.

But nothing was as bad as the toilet roll holder…

IMG_0532There are two loos here – one in a shower/utility room, and that was no problem. The loo roll holder went in the traditional place on the wall. The problem was the main bathroom, where the loo sits between the end of the bath, and the basin. I’d thought the loo roll holder could go on the short end of the bath, but the plumber person said a very definite no. The tile might break. On the wall behind the loo was his suggestion, but I didn’t want that. After a
L  O  N  G  discussion in my bathroom we reached a compromise – he wouldn’t put the loo roll holder up at all, and I wouldn’t complain about it afterwards.

So off I set to find a free-standing loo roll holder. These come in various shapes and sizes. With or without a loo brush holder? With or without a newspaper rack?? Stainless steel? Wood?? Poly-something or other???
I decided on a stainless steel holder without anything, and was moderately happy until I saw the price… no way was I going to pay nearly three hundred franks. I plonked the loo roll on the end of the bath, we moved in, and that was that.

IMG_0529A day or two later I was buying long drink glasses (you always break something when you move house…) when I saw a little bowl. A nice little turquoise-coloured china bowl. For Fr.5.50.-

It may not be the end solution here – but for the moment, it’s perfect!


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17 Responses to Toilet roll holders, and other tricky moving-house decisions…

  1. jenanita01 says:

    but you are glad you moved? I would tolerate anything to have a view (and waterfall!) like yours…


  2. Cinthia says:

    Ha, ha, love this (and can I start calling our toilet the loo?). Glad you got it all figured out. Except aren’t you afraid you might drop the toilet paper into the bathtub? Or maybe (probably) you’re not as clumsy as I am. Cheers and happy weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lindahuber says:

      Haven’t dropped it – yet! I was afraid the china bowl might slide off the bath and break, but it’s six months and counting now… And ‘loo’ is a polite British English word for either the bathroom, or the toilet itself – you can start a fashion!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. TanGental says:

    Ah yes the toilet roll dilemma. We made a crucial mistake when we built over the garage and installed a new loo and shower. The holder went on the wall and it’s at just the wrong angle for comfort. Such are the extent of first world problems eh!

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  4. lindahobden says:

    I agree that the toilet roll needs to be near to the loo but I would’ve loathed to spoil your tile work in your fab new bathroom too – love the turquoise bowl idea but I would be scared of dropping the loo roll in the bath! Your bathroom looks super though! 😊


  5. suznic says:

    I so identify with all the decisions. When we gutted the downstairs of our house there was a question every half hour or so: Where would you like the light switch? How many sockets in the hall? Which way should the door open? where should the radiator go? How many radiators in the kitchen? Hubby was often at work and when he came home he would say ‘Why did you put the light switch there?’ or ‘Are you sure that’s enough radiators?’ He would think of things that hadn’t crossed my mind and the following day I would have to ask the tradesman to change things. Oh well. It’s fine now, but I still look at the light switch and wish it had been on the other side of the door.


    • lindahuber says:

      Oh I know. My best renovation was about four years ago in the old house. I knew we’d be moving, but the bathroom was ancient so I called a local plumber. He said, ‘How do you want it?’ I said, ‘Normal. I’m selling in a year or two.’ He said, ‘Okay.’ That was the only decision I made about the bathroom, which he then did up ‘normal’, and it cost me a fraction of the price it would have if I’d gone to a ‘bathroom’ company!


  6. Georgia Rose says:

    Crikey it all looks so stylish Linda and I’m so glad all the BIG decisions are now at an end and you will be settled ever after!! 🙂


  7. It doesn’t seem five minutes since you moved, Linda. I hope everything is working out well for you now in your new home. I just moved at the end of November so there is still lots to do but I’m sure I’ll get there eventually. 🙂

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  8. lindahuber says:

    Reblogged this on linda huber and commented:

    It’s almost exactly seven years since we moved into this flat. I don’t know if it’s the toilet roll holder that did it, but this is one of my most regularly visited blog posts… 🧻


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