Toilet roll holders, and other tricky moving-house decisions…

It’s almost exactly seven years since we moved into this flat. I don’t know if it’s the toilet roll holder that did it, but this is one of my most regularly visited blog posts… 🧻

linda huber

toilet-roll-220415_1280If I had ten franks for every moving-house decision I’ve made in the past two and a bit years I could retire tomorrow, and go and live on a lovely tropical island and write books and watch the sun go down with a Marguerita by my side…

In 2013 we downsized from a big old house to a medium-sized (temporary) flat, and I really thought all the ‘Do we need/want to keep this???’ decisions were as bad as it could get.


Shortly after that removal, a whole new decisions game started… building the permanent flat. I was prepared for some of it. I knew I wanted wooden floors in the bedrooms and stone tiles in the living areas and bathrooms. I knew I wanted white walls throughout the flat, and white gloss fronts in the kitchen area. I fondly imagined that was about it.


Door handles. Door locks?…

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