A 99p offer, an island and a town…

From the Isle of Arran to the English market town of Bedford – that’s the journey Nina Moore made in my third book, The Attic Room. Having learned that a man she’d never heard of had left her a house, she flew south to investigate – and found more than she bargained for.

My teenage summers were all spent on lovely Arran. Friends from Glasgow had a holiday place there, and I fell in love with the place as soon as I saw it. Who wouldn’t, with views like this?

On the boat to Arran

It was Scotland, so the weather wasn’t always so sunny…

But the local cows made up for that.

Anyway, Nina left the island and went to see the house she’d inherited. It would have been somewhere along this street in Bedford, and you can see more pics of the area in my blog post ‘Spooky old house revisited’ HERE.

What does Nina find out about the house? Who was John Moore? And how did he know her name? Read all about it in The Attic Room… (tap/click HERE to see it in your local Amazon store)

Next week, we have suspense writer Georgia Rose with her choice of Classic Comfort reads – see you then!

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