Statues (and things) in Switzerland…

On Friday and Saturday I spent a few hours in Zug, Central Switzerland, on the way to and from Louise Mangos’ Strangers on a Bridge launch do. There’s a lot to like in Zug – a beautiful lake, a lovely historic old town – and some artwork.

The old town first – above is the town hall, and on the right here we have early-Saturday empty streets with some wonderful old houses.
Then a flash of colour outside the bank caught my eye…

This figure rotates – isn’t it fabulous? And just moments later I walked past a red man.

Heading towards the lake path, I spotted a statue of some swans and went for a closer look.

A little further, I came across what must be the weirdest piece of artwork in the area. I have no idea what’s happening in the pic below, but a plaque on the grass gives it the rather scary title The Nightwatchman.

Viewing it from a different angle didn’t really help. Yes, that is a streetlamp…

Suggestions on a postcard, please…

And we’ll finish off with a pic of the book launch cake!

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