Cold Sophie… and new book

ice-crystal-1065155_1280It’s that time of year again. The Ice Saints, or Eisheiligen as they’re known in German. Each day of the year has its own saint, and the ice ones start on May 11th with Mamertus, and continue with Pancras, Servatius, and Boniface on the 12th, 13th and 14th, finishing off with Sophie on the 15th. Here in Switzerland, they say that until we get Cold Sophie behind us, there’s still the danger of frost and snow. Beware what you plant in your garden before 15th May… And this year at least, the Eisheiligen have been true to their name – cold, wet and miserable doesn’t begin to describe the weather these past few days. But it’s Sophie’s turn today, which means that from tomorrow onwards we can expect better weather.

sffuzce9.jpg largeTalking about cold things, in between turning the heating up and fishing the winter socks back out last week, I was really pleased to see the cover of the French edition of The Cold Cold Sea. It highlights a completely different aspect of the story to the English cover, and I think it’s really effective. I love the sunlight/shade contrast, and the posture of the child.

Here it is with a new Twitter friend (on the right) who works for the French publisher, and kindly agreed to her photos appearing on my blog. It’s an odd – but very good! – feeling, seeing my book out there, in another language, living its own life in the big wide world.



So it’s hello and good luck to Une Mer Si Froide, and goodbye Cold Sophie. We hope…






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4 Responses to Cold Sophie… and new book

  1. Lovely cover, Linda! Goodbye Cold Sophie indeed. Wishing you a warm and happy Spring!

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    • lindahuber says:

      Thanks, Christa! Spring can only get better – they said this morning we’ve had as much rain in the last three days as we usually have in the entire month of May…


  2. says:

    J’ai dévoré ce livre en quelques jours ! À chaque page finis j’avais hâte de découvrir l’autre afin de connaître ce que Livvy allais devenir !! Merci pour ce roman que j’ai énormément apprécié.Auréliea

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