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Can you read English? #joke

This was originally going to be a post about books. However, we’ll leave that for next week when I can spill all my news at once, and instead, we’ll have a post about English. Specifically, reading English. A few weeks … Continue reading

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We’re right at the end of the (summer) holiday season now, so here are some holiday jokes from my English-teaching joke collection. Just to remind us of those happy times earlier in the year… Sign in a British seaside hotel: … Continue reading

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Last-minute nerves and some very corny jokes…

It isn’t easy knowing what to post, two days before the official publication date of your second book. You have butterflies the size of bats whacking around in your tummy and you can’t settle down to any sensible activity. So … Continue reading

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What do you call a woman who can’t stop reading books?? and others of the same ilk…

In the past couple of weeks, two of my English classes have stopped for the summer. (Conversation classes have  l  o  n  g  summer holidays.) To round off the semester, we had some book jokes, so I thought I’d share … Continue reading

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