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Book news… đź“š

There’s a new book on the way here in N.E. Switzerland. My current full-length novel project has been chuntering along slowly, its progress slightly hampered by bringing out my novella series. However, a couple of weeks ago I signed a … Continue reading

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Home is… (complete in your own words…)

Home is where the heart is, traditionally. Nowadays, opinions differ. Home is where your other half (and presumably also your heart?) is? That’s a bit dangerous, imo. Home is where your favourite armchair is? Nope. My favourite armchair is a … Continue reading

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Pictures of a story…

Most of my books have relatively vague locations. Somewhere in Yorkshire… a few miles from Newquay… between Glasgow and Edinburgh… Chosen Child, however, is set in lovely St Ives, and the main action in my newbie Death Wish takes place … Continue reading

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If wishes were horses…

When I was a child, my greatest wish was to own a pony. Unfortunately, we lived in the middle of Glasgow, and a pony would have decimated the family finances anyway. I had to make do with a budgie, and … Continue reading

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Barb Taub: Signs (and books and things…)

Barb Taub is an American writer living in Glasgow. She and I “met” on Twitter a year or two ago, and last autumn, when I was having a week in Scotland, we met in real life. In the middle of … Continue reading

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A week in (sunny) Scotland…

A week isn’t a long time when you want to cram in family stuff, visiting friends, and book events – not to mention shopping in lovely UK shops. Highlight number one was meeting my brand new great-nephew, who was obliging … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different – a guest post from Scotland!

Earlier this year, on Twitter, I met Susie. We hit it off straightaway, so I’m really pleased to welcome her as guest-blogger this week! Susie is a thirty-something writer and blogger who currently lives in Glasgow with her husband and … Continue reading

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