New Book… #amwriting #coverreveal

And here it is, the sensational cover image for my new book, The Un-Family, which will be published on November 15th. Big thanks here to Hobeck Books and their cover designer Jayne Mapp, who also designed the images for Daria’s Daughter and Pact of Silence.

What’s it about? In a word – family. The Martins. There’s Holly, who’s a vet and married to Dylan, a stressed businessman. Dylan’s twin brother Seth lives in a nearby village, as does their mum Elaine and sixteen-year-old niece Megan. The book starts with a prologue, where a body is hurtling down a river in flood, then chapter one takes us back a couple of weeks, and the action continues from there.

Whose body?
How is it connected to the Martin family??
How – and why – did it end up in the river???

All will be revealed in November. Until then, watch out for news of the back cover blurb, and details about the blog tour.
In two weeks – no blog post next weekend – we’re having historical fiction writer Jane Cable/Eva Glyn and her choice of clossic comfort books. See you then!

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6 Responses to New Book… #amwriting #coverreveal

  1. Sounds fascinating! Great cover, Linda!

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  2. It looks great Linda. I bet you can’t wait for the launch. x

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  3. The tagline

    “Family as enemy”.

    Bodies have a way of ending up in rivers and lakes, don’t they?

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