Visiting Susanna Bavin…

A few weeks ago, writer Susanna Bavin, who writes as herself, Polly Heron and Maisie Thomas, invited me back to her blog to talk about cover love. It’s a great topic for a blog series, because while the main job of a cover image is to be eye-catching, what makes a good cover for a romance is not what makes a good cover for a thriller – and we can argue about the pros and cons of sticking to what’s in fashion or not, too.
I went with my newest book, Pact of Silence, whose cover was designed by Jayne Mapp, who covered Daria’s Daughter too. I wanted to reblog the post, but that doesn’t seem to work with Susanna’s website and mine, so I’ll put the link to the post HERE. Have a look and see what you think – and check out Susanna’s books while you’re there, too!

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