Writing in Cornwall – Mandy James

I’ve never forgotten those childhood holidays in Cornwall – one day I’ll go back. And when I do, I’ll be sure to visit fellow-writer Amanda James. Mandy not only lives in Cornwall, with a lovely sea view and the beach (almost) on her doorstep, she’s set all her books there too. Here she is to tell us about the latest one:

Nancy Cornish PI is the sequel to The Cornish Connection which came out earlier this year. Nancy has recently left her job at The Whistling Kettle Café in Padstow to start her own PI business. And while seemingly an ordinary member of her community, she has an extraordinary gift. She is able to make psychic connections with those who have passed, and objects belonging to those still living. The PI denotes Psychic Investigator, not Private Investigator. Her husband Charlie is a DS in the Truro police, and a down to earth Cornishman. In the past, he’s dismissed Nancy’s gift as ‘mumbo jumbo’, but now he accepts that she’s a very good detective. He’s over the moon that she’s been able to help him solve some important crimes, and is keen for her to keep up this good work.

As well as working with her husband in his police work, Nancy’s main mission in life is to use her gift to help others. In the grand scheme of things, the cases she solves within her community might not seem very important. However, they mean the world to those who come to Nancy for help. Some of her successes to date have been to reunite long lost lovers, track down a war hero’s missing medals, rescue a beloved pet, and find the mystery ingredient in the local butcher’s prize-winning sausages!

In this sequel to The Cornish Connection, we see people come to Nancy for all sorts of reasons. Some are new clients, some are old friends, and she often discovers that what they say they need help with, is only the beginning of their story. Nancy’s investigations and discoveries help them to see what’s most important to them in life, and how to achieve it. And as we all know, that thing is happiness.

I thought I’d show you some of the scenery around where I live, and where Nancy visits during some of her investigations. The north Cornwall coast inspires my writing and helps me visualise my characters as they make their way through the story. I need to know where they live, and go about their daily lives. I’m spiritually anchored to this area, and so feel closer to the characters if they live here too. I’m not psychic, sadly, but I have had a few readings over the years. Some have been spookily accurate, and I’m fascinated by the whole phenomenon.

Above is Padstow Harbour where Nancy worked. In the book, she often comes here for tea and cake at The Cherry Trees Café.

This next shot is of Trevone Round Hole, which is a collapsed sea cave and it’s not advisable to walk too close to the edge. I won’t say more about this, as I don’t want to give anything away!

And finally, these are of  Bedruthan Steps where Nancy has a connection with someone very close to her. This person tells her to warn her mum that she’s in danger of being duped by a gold digger. I adore this place. It’s very beautiful, and I could gaze at the ocean all day from this spot.

Thank you, Mandy, for sharing these beautiful photos!
Amanda James lives in Cornwall and is inspired every day by the wild and beautiful coastline near her home. She has many suspense/mystery novels set there. Somewhere Beyond the Sea, Summer in Tintagel, Behind the Lie, Another Mother, Deep Water, The Cornish Retribution, The Feud, and Dark Deception. Amanda has two women’s fiction books. The Calico Cat, a family drama/coming-of-age. Lastly, The Cornish Connection and the sequel Nancy Cornish PI, cosy crime with a psychic twist.
Amanda can usually be found playing on the beach with her family, or walking the cliff paths planning her next book.

To find out more about Mandy and her books, you can go to her Amazon author page, or visit her on Facebook or Twitter.

We’ll finish off with another of Mandy’s Cornwall photos:



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