The ‘M’ books… #A-Z books 📚

This is an adaptation of something I saw on Twitter – people were posting 26 books in 26 days, each title beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. However – I’m planning on taking around 26 months to get to Z. Each month I’ll post a newish book I’ve enjoyed, plus a children’s book and an older book.

We’re halfway through the alphabet now – today, it’s the ‘M’ books:



First up is Murder in the Fens by Clare Chase.
I’m a big fan of Clare’s Tara Thorpe books, all set in and around Cambridge – you couldn’t wish for a more scenic backdrop to a murder mystery series. A young woman’s body is found, her pockets full of wilting flowers. An affair gone wrong – or is there more to the story? Tara and the team investigate.





I first read Mister God This Is Anna by Fynn when I was a young teenager. It’s one of those books that stays with you in more ways than one – the copy I have here at home is the same one I read all those years go. It’s a book to go back to, and ponder – Anna’s outlook on the world does us all good, and the illustrations are wonderful.





My ‘older’ book isn’t very old, this time, but I loved all Ann Granger’s Mitchell and Markby mysteries – I wish there were more of them!
In Murder Among Us, a gala hotel opening in the village of Bamford is rudely interrupted by the discovery of a body… Fortunately, Chief Inspector Markby is there with Meredith Mitchell.




Look out for the ‘N’ books next time!

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

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4 Responses to The ‘M’ books… #A-Z books 📚

  1. Clare Chase says:

    Thanks again for featuring Murder in the Fens, Linda! So pleased you enjoyed the series! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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