The Runaway – an escape that went horribly wrong…

And here it is, psychological suspense book nine, and it’s on pre-order now for March 24th, when the ebook is published. (Click the cover to see it on Amazon.) The pre-order price of just 99p/c will run until the end of this month, so grab it while the bargain lasts!
The paperback will follow on in summer.

There are so many people I’d like to thank here – most of all, my fabulous editor, Debi Alper. Also the entire team at Fabrian Books, Sarah Hardy for organising the blog tour, and Yvonne Betancourt and Helen Pryke for their help with the book preparation – in Helen’s case, it was more help than she signed up for so extra thanks as well. Debbie Bright at The Cover Collection did such a good job on the cover image – I love it! Then there are all the book bloggers on the tour (see below) and the others in my early readers group – huge thanks, all. And of course the multitude of people who are helping on social media, far too many to count, never mind name, but I couldn’t do without any of you! The writing life is many things, but it isn’t lonely…
Last but not least, love and thanks to my long-suffering sons, other family members and friends. They provide technical help and/or answer odd questions about anything from hospitals to school timetables and UK prices, and I’d be lost without them.

The Runaway tells the story of Nicola, who relocates to St Ives with her family. Unfortunately, life in their new home doesn’t turn out as she’d planned…
Here’s the blurb:

Keep your secrets close to home…

Bad things happen in threes – or so it seems to Nicola. The death of her mother-in-law coincides with husband Ed losing his job and daughter Kelly getting into trouble with the police. Time to abandon their London lifestyle and start again by the sea in far-away Cornwall.

It should be the answer to everything – a new home, a new job for Ed and a smaller, more personal school for fifteen-year-old Kelly. But the teenager hates her new life, and it doesn’t take long before events spiral out of control and the second set of bad things starts for Nicola.

Some secrets can’t be buried.
Or… can they?

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  1. jenanita01 says:

    Loving the sound of this one, Linda…

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  2. Lia Sparks says:

    Thank you for sharing this

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