Cheers, slàinte, and prost!

wine-294236_1280It’s a triple book celebration today here in N.E. Switzerland – one of them entirely by coincidence.

First of all, happy publication day to The Saturday Secret, my first-ever feel-good, romantic-ish collection of short stories. I’ve been wanting to do a charity book with my stories for a while, and this is it. All 2017 profits will go to Doctors Without Borders. Click the title above to go to your local Amazon Store where you can order the ebook or paperback, or, if you live in Switzerland and want a signed copy, you can order the paperback directly from me. Let’s see if we can make three figures for Doctors Without Borders by Easter. (We’re almost halfway there already!)

cc_signatureSecondly, happy 1st birthday to my fourth psychological suspense novel Chosen Child. I can hardly believe it’s only a year… This book has my favourite cover; I still pick it up and cuddle it now and then when I’m passing the bookcase…

And lastly (this is the the coincidence bit), happy publication day to the audio version of Chosen Child, released by Oakhill Publishing. It’s narrated by Meriel Scholfield, who read The Cold Cold Sea and The Paradise Trees so beautifully. The library edition is out today, and will be followed in a couple of weeks by CDs and downloadable versions on Amazon and Audible.

the-saturday-secret-ebook-for-amazonIf Chosen Child has my favourite cover, this one has to be my prettiest cover. I’d like to thank Fabrian Books for their help and support in putting this book out – the next few days will see me and The Saturday Secret popping up in various places – details on my pinned post on Twitter.

So that’s it – join me in raising a glass tonight to The Saturday Secret – cheers!


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16 Responses to Cheers, slàinte, and prost!

  1. Georgia Rose says:

    Congratulations! Just bought my copy and it’s an excellent charity to donate towards 🙂

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  2. Cheers and happy publication day! 🍻 A great charity to support, hope sales go well for both of you.

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  3. Cathy says:

    Just off to Amazon to get a copy 🙂

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  4. mmwb10 says:

    Just bought mine. It will be a lovely book to turn to when I’ve finished my current gritty read!

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  5. Durkje says:

    Can’t wait to read it. Please reserve a written copy for me.
    See you soon


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  6. Congratulations, Linda! I’m a big fan of Doctors without Borders. Just got a copy and look forward to reading it!

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  7. Lucy Crowe says:

    Congrats! So thrilled to have found you here in cyber space and will be headed over to Amazon to place an order!

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  8. Haha! 😀 “Not a dead body or a zombie in sight…” Great post over at Fabrian Books. (Though I also love the look of your other books. Gorgeous covers. They’re intriguing.) But, yes, this is a lovely cover and a lovely charity to give to. ❤ Cheers!

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