I’ll never forget the first time I saw my name in a magazine (school mags excepted). It wasn’t actually the name that gave me such a thrill because in those days I used a pen name – it was the story. I had written a romantic short story, Perfect Partners, and there it was in a national magazine, complete with a lovely illustration. My story. Wow. I walked on air that day.

img_1015Over the next few years I had the same experience many times, as over fifty short stories and articles were published. The articles were about family life, and the stories were all light-hearted, or romantic, or ‘feel-good’ in some way. It was huge fun.

Since then, my stories and articles have been languishing in a pile in the bottom of my wardrobe, until quite recently when I realised I owned digital rights to them. An email exchange with the publisher confirmed I was now also the owner of paperback rights.

And then I had an idea – I would put out a collection of stories, and donate profits to a charity. A few more messages and emails, and I’d joined up with Fabrian Books, who’ve been really supportive and helpful – thank you!

the-saturday-secret-ebook-for-amazonSo here’s my soon-to-be-published sixth book and first short story collection: The Saturday Secret and other stories.

And this is where I could really use some HELP and/or ADVICE. My other books are psychological suspense, so the vast majority of my book blogger contacts, writing friends, Facebook groups etc etc are into crime fiction. And The Saturday Secret is anything but crime fiction…
The publication date will be mid-February, after Valentine’s Day as not all the stories are romantic, and if anyone can help with a blog spot, or a suggestion/recommendation, please get in touch. (There’s an email address on the top bar up there.)

If anyone is interested in a review arc (mobi file only, not to eat into any profit going to charity), let me know too. About the charity – my thoughts at the moment are to wait until the end of this year, see what’s happening in the world, and then decide. I’m not expecting this book to sell millions, but if it makes a few pounds for a good cause I’ll be happy.

And after spending the last four years concentrating on murder, sudden death and abduction, it was very restful to have a ‘nice’ project for a change! I might even do it again…











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8 Responses to #andnowforsomethingcompletelydifferent

  1. Ian Hobbs says:

    Hi Linda. I’d be happy to promote through my boom network. I don’t imagine you are a Devon writer (who I moistly feature) buyt such a great idea I’d be glad to support you if I can help. Let me know and we can chat.

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  2. TanGental says:

    good luck; happy to review if you like

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  3. Well done, Linda. I did something similar with a number of short stories I found from my writing course. Unfortunately, however, the book has gained a couple of poor reviews from readers who have enjoyed my other books. In retrospect, that was my mistake – I should have done what you’re doing and targeted the book at the appropriate market rather than relying on existing readers of grit lit. I wish you the best of luck with your new book. 🙂

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    • lindahuber says:

      I guess that’s always a risk when you write in different genres, but in the end I’m sure anyone wanting to buy a book will see past those reviews. We need thick skins, don’t we?!


  4. Georgia Rose says:

    This sounds like a terrific idea Linda, well done. My blog is available for you to use in whatever way helps of course – I don’t have a huge number of followers but every little helps, right? Just email me 🙂

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