1It’s eBook publication week for Chosen Child, and halfway through the blog tour we have a slight hiccup…
Today’s post should be coming from Jane Isaac’s Caffeine’s not a Crime blog, however, at the end of last week her entire website disappeared into cyberspace. It’s back now but not yet functioning properly, so we agreed to reschedule the post later this month.

Yesterday I visited Sophie on Reviewed the Book – she asked some really good questions (and who wouldn’t want to be Elizabeth Bennett for the day…) I also had to out myself as an EastEnders fan…

Next stop is Alison Gray’s Thriller and Crime blog on Friday. And to finish off today here’s a lovely photo of St Ives, where most of Chosen Child is set.



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4 Responses to Halfway…

  1. mmwb10 says:

    Really enjoyed reading your interview on ‘Reviewed the Book’, Linda. I’m a fan of Ann Cleeves too and also love Christianna Brand. I can’t wait for ‘The Cold Cold Sea’ to arrive. It’s due on 26 Feb here in Florida! And next it will be the book version of ‘Chosen Child’.


  2. I’d also love to be Elizabeth Bennett for a day. P.S. St. Ives is beautiful.


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