New book trailer!

kid-bike-162106_1280If you compare learning to make a book trailer to learning to ride your bike with no stabilisers, I’m at the stage of wobbling along, a parent (in my case, son 2) trotting beside me. For yards I can go it alone, then I lurch and need a steadying hand on the saddle.

The fun bit about making a trailer (we use MovieMaker) is trying out the special effects. Do we want the images to float in from the side, or fizzle in from the centre – or turn black and white and fade out? And the text – where should it go on each image? Which font? Size? Italics? Bold? And choosing the music is brilliant.

clock-611619_1280The un-fun bit is, you are dealing in microseconds, and my brain doesn’t stretch that far. I can never see if I have to increase or decrease to get the desired result, and Sod’s Law plays a big part here. That’s where son 2 comes in. Having said that, I’ve now learned how to incorporate the video sequences. When I know how to resize the images, I’ll be good to go myself.

So here it is, the Chosen Child trailer. The kindle version of my book is now on preorder – Amazon UK, Amazon US, or your local Amazon store. The paperback will be available by the end of February.



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16 Responses to New book trailer!

  1. Helen Pollard says:

    Very impressive, you two!


  2. jenanita01 says:

    Wow… I love it! This is something we would love to tackle next, so will be checking out Moviemaker. Hope we can be as clever as you… (and your son)


  3. Hey, this is good. It looks very professional and triggers my interest for the book!


  4. barbtaub says:

    This is a wonderful trailer! Congrats.


  5. Claire says:

    I went to film school and struggle to edit footery split second frames, so well done! And what a chilling premise – off to preorder!


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