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Holiday in Switzerland, anyone?

Imagine having the chance to spend a week in a hotel by a lovely Swiss lake, all expenses paid. That’s what happens to Stacy in my soon-to-be-published novella, A Lake in Switzerland. Just before the story starts, Stacy is wondering … Continue reading

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Home is… (complete in your own words…)

Home is where the heart is, traditionally. Nowadays, opinions differ. Home is where your other half (and presumably also your heart?) is? That’s a bit dangerous, imo. Home is where your favourite armchair is? Nope. My favourite armchair is a … Continue reading

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Over the sea to… Friedreichshafen

Our lake – Lake Constance – is huge. 536 square kilometres, to be exact. Standing on the banks on a misty day, you can almost imagine you’re gazing out over the Atlantic. The photo below was taken from the Austrian … Continue reading

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Up the Scott Monument…

Every time the boys and I go to Edinburgh, someone says, ‘Shall we go up the Scott Monument?’ We don’t often – sometimes it’s shut, sometimes the weather isn’t suitable, and then there’s that narrow spiral staircase with 287 steps … Continue reading

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I’ve always lived near water. In Glasgow, we have the Clyde, and nowhere in Scotland is hugely far from the sea. (Insert horror memories of learning to swim in a North Sea fed pool in St Andrews.) Arriving in Switzerland … Continue reading

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Crime writers go hiking…

One of my purchases in Scotland was this bag – The Body In The Library is one of my favourite Agatha Christie reads. On Friday, a friend and I took it for the first hike of spring, here in N.E. … Continue reading

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Location, location, location…

A couple of weeks ago I opened a book I’d bought a while ago, and immediately I was transported – to exotic countries I’ve only dreamed of visiting. Couple that with one of the best suspense stories I’ve ever read, … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Prague…

I took enough pics to keep the blog busy for months on end, but we’ll stop here. A trilogy of posts is enough. So – the final photos… The streets around my hotel reminded me of the film Goodbye, Lenin! … Continue reading

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Prague – the hanging man, and the speediest escalators ever…

Prague is an easy city to get around in. Most of the sights in the centre are within walking distance of each other, and for the rest, you can buy an all-day transport ticket for a very reasonable price. The … Continue reading

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Prague: John Lennon, the upside down horse, and Frank Kafka…

I spent a week in Prague recently, visiting Son 2 who is spending a semester at uni there. What an amazing city; I could blog all week and still not do it justice. So here are a few pics of … Continue reading

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