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A visit from Cass Grafton

I first met Cass on social media, but given that we both live in – roughly speaking – the same area in lovely Switzerland, it wasn’t long before we met up in person. Since then, we’ve been meeting regularly to … Continue reading

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A picture post…

While I’m wrapping up my NaNoWriMo effort – I made it to 50k words this November, but more about that another time – here are a few photos I took between summer and now. Our beautiful lake, Constance, in July … Continue reading

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Summer in Switzerland – Einsiedeln and Hoch-Ybrig

It was my first visit to this area, right in the heart of Switzerland. I’d passed by Einsiedeln – best-known for its Benedictine Abbey with the black Madonna – but I’d never actually set foot in the place. It was … Continue reading

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The hottest day of the year…

I like hot weather. But 35°C and more is – whisper it – almost too much of a good thing. So a friend and I decided to spend a day up the Flumserberg, in the east of Switzerland. It’s only … Continue reading

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The Cover Art: Wedding Bells in Switzerland…

The fifth and final novella in my ‘…in Switzerland‘ series will be out later this month – and this time, it’s the wedding! Organising a wedding is never easy, and when the two familes concerned live in separate countries, you’re … Continue reading

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Springtime in N.E. Switzerland… 🇨🇭

It hasn’t been one of those balmy springs. We had a mild(ish) March, followed by a distinctly chilly April-May, so much so that almost everyone I know retrieved their winter jackets from wherever they’d put them away to in March, … Continue reading

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The week the snow came…

At 430m above sea, my home here in the north-east is in one of the lowest areas in Switzerland. In winter, it regularly happens that while everywhere else is being sprinkled with scenic whiteness from above, we get rain. And … Continue reading

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2018 – the best of times and the worst of times. A minimalist’s version.

I’ve done a ‘minimalist’s’ New Year post ever since my first book was published, but this year I have to say I hesitated. 2018 truly was an annus horribilus, starting with the death of my father in January and continuing … Continue reading

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A walk around the old town…

Arbon has been here for many, many years. Centuries, in fact – it has connections to an Irish monk called Gallus who died here in 646. We have a castle, part of the original town wall still stands, and the … Continue reading

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Autumn? in Switzerland…

It’s late this year. The woods across from my balcony are turning, yes, but not very far or fast. We can’t scrunch through autumn leaves as we wander along the trails, and the predominant colour is still green. So let’s … Continue reading

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