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The Half-Bunny Pub…

It happened years ago, somewhere in England. I was visiting friends; we’d been out for the day and were driving home again when someone suggested stopping for a drink. A hotel sign in the middle of the countryside presented itself, … Continue reading

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Over the sea to… Friedreichshafen

Our lake – Lake Constance – is huge. 536 square kilometres, to be exact. Standing on the banks on a misty day, you can almost imagine you’re gazing out over the Atlantic. The photo below was taken from the Austrian … Continue reading

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Up the Scott Monument…

Every time the boys and I go to Edinburgh, someone says, ‘Shall we go up the Scott Monument?’ We don’t often – sometimes it’s shut, sometimes the weather isn’t suitable, and then there’s that narrow spiral staircase with 287 steps … Continue reading

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Weather mixed…

Back in the day, a summer holiday postcard from friends or family was an almost daily occurrence. I remember my mother having a long row on the mantelpiece, and I would stand on tiptoe to see them all. Most were … Continue reading

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Holiday superlatives…

It’s summer holiday time, everyone’s favourite season. We have sunshine (hopefully), we have freedom – so what’ll we remember most about summer ’17?? Some of my past hols have been more memorable than others – for various reasons. A small … Continue reading

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Summer 2015 has been a funny one here in the top right-hand corner of Switzerland. After the rainiest June ever, we had the hottest July for 150 years, and up until yesterday this month has been equally hot – alas, … Continue reading

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