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Haven Bridge and Miss Moonshine – The perfect ingredients for a heartwarming anthology!

Back in 2014, I contributed a story to Winter Tales, an anthology published by a group of romance writers. It was great fun, so I was interested to hear from Helen Pollard, who needs no introduction to regular blog readers, … Continue reading

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Fun with screenshots, and some news

Sometimes you come across a real gem of an image. I usually do an Amazon-check of my books at the weekend (unless they’re on promotion, when I *may* be tempted to check more often… 🙂 ) So last week, I … Continue reading

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A Fractured Winter… with Alison Baillie

It’s lovely having guests on my blog, and even better when I know them in person as well as on social media. Alison Baillie lives a short train journey away from me, so she’s a ‘close’ friend in more ways … Continue reading

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Ready for a day with a good book?

Now that the weather has turned into something we can enjoy, sitting out on the balcony with a cold drink and a great book, how about stocking up your kindle with a few summer(ish) reads? I joined in a version … Continue reading

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The Half-Bunny Pub…

It happened years ago, somewhere in England. I was visiting friends, we’d been out for the day, and were driving home again when someone suggested stopping for a drink. A hotel sign in the middle of the countryside presented itself, … Continue reading

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Places in – pictures? Or words??

When I was seven or eight, our next-door neighbour – an elderly lady – had an ash tree in her garden, right on the border with ours. Her garden was half-wild, and to my great joy there was no fence … Continue reading

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Hunter’s Chase, Val Penny, and Edinburgh…

Like most people who grew up in Glasgow, I always look on Edinburgh as my second favourite Scottish city. It’s picturesque, historical, quirky… and it’s the setting for Val Penny’s novel Hunter’s Chase. Val’s an American writer who lives in … Continue reading

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We’ve been looking at a lot of old photos recently, sorting out my father’s collection after his death in January. The photo of Dad that terribly hot summer in Switzerland – the one and only time I remember him wearing … Continue reading

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From first idea to published book: Bea Davenport and The Misper

Bea Davenport was the first writer I met in real life. Our debut novels were published in 2013, and we did several bookshop and library events together, and then repeated the process with our second novels in 2014. Since then, … Continue reading

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A Lake in Switzerland – live!

Fancy a holiday in N.E. Switzerland? It’s a lovely area, and I should know – I’ve lived here for nearly thirty years. If anyone had told me when I arrived in this little town on the banks of Lake Constance … Continue reading

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