Scotland to Switzerland… via England. The Scenic/Landscape Photo Challenge.

Last week I was nominated – thank you Christa Polkinhorn – to take part in the Scenic Photo Challenge on Facebook, which involves posting a photo a day for seven days, and tagging another lucky soul to do the same each time. Not everyone’s on Facebook, so I thought I’d post my pics here too:

Day One: We start out with a photo I took last year whilst visiting sunny Glasgow. The building that looks like a baby Sydney Opera House is the Clyde Auditorium, known locally as the Armadillo. 🙂


Day Two: We’re here in Switzerland today, with the Alpstein range behind Lake Constance. This one was taken further down the lake from here, but you get the same effect from my town if you row (or swim) out a couple of hundred metres.


Day Three: Two pics today. The first is Carbis Bay beach in Cornwall, just up the road from St Ives, where Chosen Child is set. And because you get spectacular cream teas in Cornwall too, I’ve included a pic of that too.


Today is Day Four, and it’s back to Switzerland. The Seealpsee (Lake Seealp) is in the nearby Appenzeller region. It’s a popular hiking destination and I’ve been there several times.

seealpsee-584790_1280To be continued…


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