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Three women. One is a librarian. Another is secretary in a car salesroom. The third is a teacher. Each is a main character in Baby Dear. At the start of the book they don’t know each other, but each changes … Continue reading

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Lady’s Slipper by Alison Gray

Published on September 4th, Lady’s Slipper is Alison Gray’s third book and the second in her DS Abby Foulkes series. As you see, the cover image is lovely – I have it on my (very basic) kindle, but I’m going … Continue reading

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New book!

It’s been a busy week here in my new flat by the woods. Our local carpenter delivered the new standing desk to replace my home-made version, so now I can work away in comfort without worrying about cartons shifting when … Continue reading

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A Facebook friend tagged me in the 5-day Poetry Challenge last week, which immediately brought back memories of English classes – delving into Shakespeare sonnets and learning Ogden Nash poems by heart. It was heady stuff. In this challenge, however, … Continue reading

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Pass the torch…

I remember power cuts, way, way back, it must have been in the 1970s. Sitting in our flat in Glasgow, candles lit, me and my family illuminated centre stage and the rest of the room in black darkness – it … Continue reading

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