Feel-good fiction

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Stacy can’t believe her luck when her best friend Emily invites her on a holiday to Switzerland. She arrives at the Lakeside Hotel with high hopes, but the problems begin straightaway. Emily’s recent injury doesn’t let her do much, and something is wrong at the hotel. Where are all the guests? And then there’s the odd behaviour of Stacy’s fiancé, back home. It’s hard to enjoy the scenery with all this going on…

“Well-drawn characters and a dash of intrigue.”

Stacy is ready to work hard in Switzerland, but nothing about her new job at the Lakeside Hotel is easy.
Some people are hostile, and there’s the language problem, too – Stacy’s sense of humour is tested every day. When her friend Emily visits, they take a trip to the Ticino, but the snow comes on the way home, and a terrible accident changes everything.

“I was so glad to be back with Stacy and Rico and seeing how things were coming on with the Lakeside hotel.”

Stacy’s new life in Switzerland seems idyllic – a lovely home amidst fabulous scenery, the man of her dreams and an interesting job. But then comes trouble…
Last winter’s snow means an overfull lake, Rico is moody and distant, and the daily problems attached to running a hotel range from head lice to irate guests and lost rodents.
It isn’t until Rico goes missing that Stacy realises she could lose everything she holds dear…

“A well written and absorbing tale.”

The Lakeside Hotel is full of English-speaking guests, and Stacy and Rico can’t wait to show them a real Swiss Christmas. There’s a visit from the Samiclaus, a Guetzli-baking demonstration, a snowman competition – not to mention the trip to Davos.
But in the middle of all the festivities, a guest has a huge problem and Stacy is left running backwards and forwards, wondering if she’ll last the distance.
It doesn’t feel a lot like Christmas at Lakeside any more…

“A book to curl up with on a cold day.”

A wedding… that’s a happy time with love and laughter and catching up with old friends – isn’t it? But Stacy has problems she didn’t anticipate when it comes to organising this one.
The mother of the bride has been watching too many old films, something is troubling the bridesmaid, and above all, a mysterious guest called MJ is about to descend on the hotel – but Stacy and Rico have no idea who it is. And that’s before the emergency services of two countries start getting involved…

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this series”

A Fabrian Books feel-good collection. Fifteen tales of life, love, and family – perfect for a coffee-break! Previously published in UK national magazines, the stories are about relationships within the family and without – some are humorous, some bittersweet; all are upbeat and emotional.

“Sometimes, you just need to pick up a book and lose yourself in a story that makes you feel warm, happy, and optimistic.”