Saving the Lakeside Hotel – the cover image… #feelgoodfiction #travel

It’s only a few weeks now until Saving the Lakeside Hotel – theoretically – hits an Amazon store near you. I’m saying theoretically, because after the mix-up with The Un-Family, I’m not counting any of my metaphorical chickens before they’re hatched this time. So preparations are ongoing for a low-key launch, and our fingers are crossed we don’t have to skip over to Plan B on the day.

As far as Plan A’s concerned, the ebook release date will be February 21st, with the paperback following later in the year. All going well with this one, the second book in the series, Return to the Lakeside Hotel, will follow 4-5 weeks later in March, by which time we’ll hopefully be a little less low-key. Wish me luck!

I’ve been working on the cover image with the amazing people at GoOnWrite – thank you, James – and here’s what we came up with. As some of you may remember, this is the same base image the old first novella had. Once the entire series is well and truly out, we’ll think about a change of cover image, but the originals are so perfect for the stories it seems a pity not to recycle them for a while at least.

Here’s the blurb:

A holiday – or the chance of a lifetime?

Stacy can’t believe her luck when her best friend Emily invites her on a holiday to Switzerland.

The girls arrive at the Lakeside Hotel with high hopes, but their problems begin straightaway. Emily’s knee injury is restricting, and something is wrong at the hotel. Where are all the guests? And why is the owner’s son so bad-tempered?

Rico Weber knows the answers. He and his hotel-owner father Ralph are grieving the loss of Rico’s mother, and without her good business mind, Lakeside is sliding ever further into financial ruin. It’s not what Rico wants – but can he persuade Ralph to start again?

By the last day of the holiday, Stacy knows her life will never be the same again. But the end of the week is just the beginning of the Lakeside adventure…

I’ll be using my pen name again, which should prevent anyone buying the book thinking it’s another psychological suspense novel…

So far, so good. If you’re interested in these books and aren’t following the blog yet, you can do that at the top of the sidebar on the right – there will be extra posts with up-to-the-minute news and special offers as well as (or instead of) the more usual weekend ones.

I’ll leave you with another photo of our lovely lake!

Lake Constance
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