A budgie called Balthasar…

Naming your pets – not to mention your children and your characters – can be tricky… A blast from the past this week, before I start clearing out old blog posts to make way for some new ones.

linda huber

budgie-191007_1280So the new princess is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. A tactful choice that – presumably – pleased everyone in the family. I’m glad they included Diana.

It isn’t easy, choosing a name for a new arrival, no matter how many legs they have. Many and varied were the discussions in our house before Son 1 arrived. We wanted our baby to have his very own name, not a family name. And it should go with our surname, and not be contractible into something daft. One of my favourites – Laurent – went right out the window when I heard a child in a shop call after his brother, ‘Lolo! Lolo!’ There are limits.

Son 2 was even more difficult. This time, we knew it was boy, but it still took twice as long to make our choice. When he arrived I heaved a sigh of relief. Our family was complete, no…

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