I #amwriting #books in Switzerland…

I have a couple of pieces of book news to share this weekend.

First of all, Pact of Silence, suspense novel eleven (I can hardly believe I’ve written eleven…), is up on pre-order now, to be published on November 16th. Nine days to go! Big thanks here to the wonderful Hobeck Books. Pact of Silence will have a blog post all to itself next week, so I’ll leave anything more about it until then.

A yellow T-shirt, stained with – what? More big thanks to Jayne Mapp Design for the chilling cover image.

And now for something completely different – my old “…in Switzerland” feel-good novella series about the Lakeside Hotel. These are still unavailable while I work them into full-length novels.
It’s quite a big project, and it got off to a false start when I combined novellas one and two into a new first book in the series. By the time I had gone on to work novella three into a full-length novel, adding a new pov character, extra scenes and more detail about all the characters, I could see that the double story-arc of the new first book didn’t work half as well as the book I’d just completed. So back I went and started again with the first one. Now, the new books one and three in the series are almost ready, while new book two should be finished around the start of next year, at which point I’ll carry on converting novellas four and five. Watch this space for more news about what I’ll do with them. (I don’t know either at the moment, but hopefully that will become clearer over the next month or two.)

I do have another suspense work-in-progress too, though progress isn’t quite the best word here. Pact of Silence was a hard book to write, and I feel I need a break from crime fiction. For a little while. But I do have some very nice news about one of my older books. Chosen Child was on a BookBub deal last week, and picked up an orange flag in the UK, Canada and Australia. It’s not very often I get to jump up and down about three orange flags all at once, so believe me, I was jumping… I won’t bore you with all three images – this is Australia’s and the other two look pretty similar. 🙂
(I’ll just mention that the 99p price tag will change back to the regular price sometime tonight, so if you’re looking for a bargain – go!)

And that’s my news for this week. Next Sunday I’ll have more news and info about Pact of Silence, and meantime, I’ll leave you with another lovely lake in Switzerland photo.

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4 Responses to I #amwriting #books in Switzerland…

  1. Terry Tyler says:

    Well done, Linda!

    I know what you mean about needing a break from crime – I am feeling at the moment that I need a break from bleak dystopian futures, so am writing about a conman!

    The cover of the new book looks great, congratulations! x

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  2. Great news on the new book, the cover looks great and it’s set in Yorkshire which is always a good start!

    Liked by 1 person

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