Future plans and a #NewBook

It’s the holiday weekend in Switzerland, and we have a couple of bookish things to celebrate here in my flat.
The first is something I’ve been sitting on for a few weeks – then on Friday afternoon an interesting envelope arrived from Hobeck Books.

I opened it and found: a contract, now signed and on its way back to the UK! Yes, suspense novel number eleven is on the way, and I’m very excited about it. The story opens on the Isle of Skye, but the rest of the book is set in Yorkshire, a place I’ve visited many times to see family and friends. We’re still in the middle of structural edits and the title isn’t set in stone yet either, so it’s very early days and I’ll be sharing more as summer (if it ever arrives) progresses.

We may have popped a cork or two on Friday night…

So that’s the #NewBook part of my post. The future plans part is something I’ve been mulling over for a long time: my novella series set right here in N.E. Switzerland. The fact that I ended up with so many of the creatures wasn’t part of the original plan, which was for one, possibly two novellas. But plans expand and A Lake in Switzerland was followed by A Spa… followed by Trouble… followed by Christmas… followed by Wedding Bells… Five little books, and I’ve been thinking for a while that I should do more with them. They’ll be unpublished this weekend, and I’m going to turn them into fewer, but full-length feel-good/romance novels. Number one is well on the way already, and I’ll be sharing news about that project as I go too. Stacy, Rico and Emily will be back…

I’ll leave you with a photo of the real lake in Switzerland, the one I see every day.
Next week, it’s crime writer Malcolm Hollingdrake on the blog, with his choice of classic and comfort reads – see you then!

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18 Responses to Future plans and a #NewBook

  1. Congratulations Linda 👏

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  2. Georgia Rose says:

    Congratulations! What lovely news, Linda 😀

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  3. GD says:

    Congrats Linda, keep us posted!

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  4. Great to hear your good news, Linda! Now all we need is for the sun to come out . . .

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  5. Wow. Congratulations! And yes, gorgeous picture!

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  6. Great news Linda, congratulations!

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  7. barbtaub says:

    Great news!!!! Can’t wait.

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  8. I just sent off a box with sunshine. Now, send us some rain, please!

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  9. Congratulations, Linda. That all sounds very exciting. Good luck with it all. x

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