The ‘N’ books… #A-Z books 📚

This is an adaptation of something I saw on Twitter – people were posting 26 books in 26 days, each title beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. However – I’m planning on taking around 26 months to get to Z. Each month I’ll post a newish book I’ve enjoyed, plus a children’s book and an older book.


Today, we have the ‘N’ books:


No Longer Safe is one of Alison Waine’s standalone psychological thrillers, and it’s a cracker. Alice is pleased when old university friend Karen invites her to a reunion in a remote cottage in the middle of winter. But then others arrive too, and things start to go horribly wrong… This is a book that really does have a shocking twist at the end!





I remember having this book as a small child – it was such a funny name, Bunkey – though I have to say, the story has vanished from my memory. The Noddy books were everywhere back in the 60s, but I’m not sure how prevalent they are in the UK today?







I read Nineteen Eighty-Four as a home reader when I was at secondary school in the 70s, and afterwards we couldn’t wait to see what 1984 would bring! It’s years since I’ve re-read it, but it’s as chilling now as it was back then. Big Brother is watching you…




Look out for the ‘O’ books next month!

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10 Responses to The ‘N’ books… #A-Z books 📚

  1. barbtaub says:

    As usual, an interesting collection! Something I didn’t know (No Longer Safe), something I know well (1984), and something I should know (I read Noddy books to my children but don’t remember this one).

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  2. lizannelloyd says:

    As a 1950s child I still have several Noddy books but not that one. That purple cover has to date from the 60s!

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  3. Another interesting collection. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Lelanie says:

    Love the idea and reviews. 👍

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  5. sharon says:

    A Noddy book was the very first book I ever owned! It was a farewell gift from our neighbours who were moving to Leeds. I still remember how overjoyed I was to receive it. Wish I could remember which one it was. I’m about halfway through Nineteen Eighty-Four. I abandoned it at that point to read some lighter stuff, but I will go back to it. You’re right. It is chilling…

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