Linda Huber – An Ornament I Love

Jack the sheep and I are on Morton Gray’s blog this week, in her An Ornament I Love series – do pop over and have a look!

Morton S. Gray - Author

Someone new on my blog this week – Linda Huber! She’s here to tell us about an ornament she loves. Over to Linda

Jack the sheep – a treasured ornament

Jack the sheep

In 2008, my parents moved – reluctantly – into sheltered housing in Glasgow, and I went over from Switzerland to help them settle into the new place. Mum especially was upset to leave the old house, her home since their wedding day nearly sixty years beforehand, and it had been Dad’s family home since he was eleven years old. It was quite an intense time, so I was glad when an old friend whisked me off for a trip down the Clyde coast one afternoon.

Clyde Coast

On the way home, we went into a garden centre for coffee, and that’s where I saw Jack (his name’s on a label on the sole of one foot). He was all by…

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