Coming soon – book nine. πŸ“˜ And two goodbyes…

Image by jeresta from Pixabay

Who was it said that writing a book is a marathon and not a sprint? Two or three years ago, an idea started jogging around in my head. A couple of news stories had been hitting the headlines, about people who’d disappeared, sometimes for years, and then emerged again, to the joy and also the horror of their families.

Plotting and planning is a lovely stage of the writing process. You’re thinking all the time, what if…? Ideas and scenes swirl around in your head, and slowly, slowly, the characters emerge.

In this one we have Nicola, who is trying to hold her family together. And Kelly, who rebels against everything. Ed, who has put his past behind him and built a new life. Rob, who has dealt with tragedy once already. And Mia, who loves life and doesn’t remember what happened when she was a baby.

These five, ably assisted by a few minor characters, tell the story of someone who runs away – away from the past? From the present? From friends, family – themself?

I started to write, and of course one of the first things you need is a location for your book. This one has two, but the main action takes place in Cornwall, where I spent several wonderful holidays as a child.

Image by Klaus Stebani from Pixabay

This isn’t the first book I’ve set near St Ives; Chosen Child centres around this lovely town too. I enjoyed the months I spent writing, sitting at my desk in N.E. Switzerland, with my head in Cornwall all the time. The Runaway is written now, and edited, and will be published in ebook on March 24th, with the paperback following on nearer the summer. Big thanks right here to everyone at Fabrian Books – a great team!
I’ll be sharing more details soon, including the amazing cover.

I’ll finish up with more thanks. Last week, a little indie bookshop closed in nearby Liechtenstein – not really a sad event, because the owner is retiring to help look after the next generation in her family. But I’ll miss my trips to Vaduz – I usually went with a bag of my own books and returned with a bag of other people’s!Β  Here’s the scenery that met us last week. Big thanks too to all at McOwl’s for their support over the years.

And I can’t stop without mentioning Mary Higgins Clark, who died last week at the age of 92. She truly was ‘the queen of suspense’ and her books – over fifty of them – gave pleasure to so many people over the years. The biggest thanks of all.

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2 Responses to Coming soon – book nine. πŸ“˜ And two goodbyes…

  1. Good luck with your ninth book, Linda. It isn’t always easy keeping up the momentum when you are so many books down the line. Lovely pics as always. πŸ™‚

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